TRC – Virtual Quilt (Nipiqaqtugut Sanaugatigut)

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The ‘virtual quilt’  is designed to give voice and expression to Inuit women’s unique experiences and lasting impacts of Residential Schools as a national Residential Schools commemoration initiative.  This project was recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and is funded by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The project, entitled “TRC – Virtual Quilt” is a project for communities that are interested in producing an art piece that reflects the Inuit experience of Residential Schools. The final outcomes of this project are intended to document and preserve the legacy of these experiences and to help begin a dialogue of reconciliation and healing with all Canadians.


  • We believe in coming together as Inuit to further help each other heal.
  • We believe Inuit women are the building blocks of the community, rekindling the ties in all communities.
  • We believe our past experiences bring us strength. It will help us move forward to a happy and healthy future.

Inuit women are the focus of this project. Inuit women are pillars in the community and this project is intended to have their experiences of Residential Schools acknowledged and commemorated in a living legacy through art and ‘virtually’ on the internet. It is important to build healing and resilience through the expression of feelings through art. This project is designed to have both the process of creating art as well as the final art piece acknowledged and celebrated.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Create an art piece (this can be paintings, drawings or dance, anything artistic.)

Step 2: Take photos and videos (Show us your art piece, how you made it and why you decided to make it)

Step 3: Send us photos and videos We will do three things with the footage:

  • A documentary
  • An online virtual quilt (Click on a square and see the art and stories from that contributor)
  • A photo album

You keep the art, we share your stories


What does the community get out of this?

This project is an activity that can build bonds and supports between community members. From youth to elders, women and men can be involved in this project. Where there are opportunities to help organize, share stories, ideas or make other contributions to the project, Pauktuutit would like Inuit women to drive this project. This project is, however, open to everyone. This is also meant to be a healing activity. It is helpful to be given opportunities to express feelings – and what better way than building strength and resiliency through art and culture. The Abuse Prevention team is also here to help the communities through resources and materials that have been proven to make a difference in the lives of Inuit women and their families. It is an investment in time, energy, and emotion from the community, but if it helps to heal just one person – this project is worth it. Your community is part of a family of communities with shared experiences – draw strength from that.

What kind of art piece?

The kind of art will depend on the community. It can be a painting, a sculpture, a quilt, clothing or other sewing project, a song, a video – anything artistic. The ‘virtual quilt’ came out of the idea of ‘weaving ‘together the art from different communities in a virtual space – like the Internet. That way the legacy of the art and the process by which the community made the art can be shared with all Inuit and other Canadians. The finished art piece will remain in the community, but the process that is documented with photos and video will be shared on the Pauktuutit website and in other ways to be determined by participants and the project advisory committee.


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TRC - Virtual Quilt Book

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TRC - Virtual Quilt - Video Guidelines (Nunavut)

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TRC - Virtual Quilt Infographic

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TRC - Virtual Quilt - Video Guidelines (English)

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TRC - Virtual Quilt - Community Liaison Guidelines (English)

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TRC - Virtual Quilt Flyer (Nunavik)

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TRC - Virtual Quilt Flyer (Inuvialuit)

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TRC - Virtual Quilt Flyer (Nunatsiavut)

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TRC - Virtual Quilt Flyer (Nunavut)

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TRC – Virtual Quilt Flyer

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