Victims of Crime

Current rates of violence against Inuit women are 14 times the national average and only an estimated 29 per cent of spousal abuse cases are reported.[1] Furthermore, the current rates of violent crimes in the North are up to eight times the national average, with the rates of sexual assault being more than 10 times the national average.[2]

As of 21 July 2011, Statistics Canada has noted a drop in crime rates in Canada, except in Nunavut.  They reported the following results about Nunavut:

  • Nunavut’s reported crime rates increased by four per cent;
  • Generally, there was a 10 per cent increase in violent crime (year 2009-10) ;
  • Nunavut’s violent crime severity is over five times greater than the rest of Canada.[3]

Identifying the needs and priorities of Inuit victims of crime is imperative in order to better support this group of individuals and families. A national consultation held by Pauktuutit in 2011 provided a safe and participatory environment to identify these needs as well as increase awareness about victims’ rights, services, programs and possible gaps.

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