Identifying Priorities and Needs of Inuit Victims of Crime

This project was designed to identify the unique needs, issues and priorities of Inuit women in relation to the impacts of victimization and the current information, programs and services available in their communities. The intended outcomes of the project were:

  • To identify the needs and priorities of Inuit victims of crimes;
  • To obtain national feedback on the knowledge and awareness of Inuit victims of crime on the services and programs currently available to Inuit living in the 53 northern and remote communities as well as in the major urban centres with large Inuit populations;
  • To increase awareness of information regarding the rights, services and programs available to victims of crime; and
  • Identify the possible gaps in access and/or availability of information, services and programs for Inuit victims of crime.


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Inuit Healing in Contemporary Inuit Society

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