My Journey Books

My Journey has easy-to-read cancer information in English and regional dialects of Inuktitut for people with cancer, their caregivers and healthcare professionals. It gives information to people recently diagnosed with cancer to support them through their cancer journey. It is written especially for Inuit to understand cancer better and to make informed decisions. It will also help Inuit and healthcare professionals communicate with each other. The goal is to support Inuit people with cancer and improve their quality of life.

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Cancer Journey Videos

Learning that you have cancer can be very frightening. Getting the news that you have cancer in any language is not easy but when English is not your mother tongue, you may not understand what is being said.

Initially you may think ‘why me?’ or feel your life is ending so we have provided some stories from Inuk survivors, families and health care providers to give you hope and help you understand that what you are feeling right now is what other people have felt too.

These video clips have been produced to let you know that there are resources to help and support you.

Cancer Journey Videos

Kaggutiq Inuit Cancer Glossary

The Kaggutiq Inuit Cancer Glossary is intended to provide Inuit patients and caregivers, as well as health care professionals with plain language cancer information in English and five major dialects of Inuktitut.

Pauktuutit encourages Inuit and health service providers to use this glossary of terms to improve communication and understanding of cancer terms. The Kaggutiq Inuit Cancer Glossary is a living document and your feedback is one way for us to continuously add to the glossary.

Kaggutiq Inuit Cancer Glossary

Urban Centres

Many Inuit live in remote communities and have to leave their home and families to get the necessary medical treatments for cancer. Use the interactive map to learn about the services and accommodation options in each urban centre. Click on the city name below to find out about the cancer services offered.

Urban Cancer Centres