Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week

Each year Pauktuutit participates in Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week, which runs over the first five days of December. Pauktuutit works with partners and communities to hold Inuit-specific AIDS awareness activities in the regions and communities during this week.

Inuit HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

We invite you to a fun, in-formal, engaging afternoon where we can reduce HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. This event brings together our urban Inuit community to gather and share awareness and knowledge about HIV and AIDS by addressing common attitudes that may interfere with prevention, care and treatment activities. We will have country food for lunch and there will be games and prizes!

Location: St. Margaret’s Church, 206 Montreal Rd. Vanier

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Contact: Chanessa Ryan, cryan@pauktuutit.ca, 613-238-3977 ex.238