Business Opportunities

The needs of each major project are unique. The products and services they require depend on the type of project, what stage of development it is at, how long the project is expected to last, how big the company is and many other factors. This list provides some examples of common needs where mining companies contract other businesses.

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Labour contracts: individuals or smaller companies

  • Catering
  • Language support services – translators and interpreters for company documents and community consultations
  • Intercultural training for mine staff
  • Secretarial, clerical, word processing, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services
  • Report writing, audio-visual services and presentations for community consultations
  • Locally-produced corporate gifts, promotional items, artwork and graphic design
  • Business travellers needing accommodation, meals, business support services, recreation and entertainment
  • Tourism opportunities such as cultural events, on-the-land guided trips, hunting, fishing and vacation packages to other communities
  • Warehouse operations
  • Machinists
  • Welders
  • Carpenters
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Drillers and blasters
  • Light equipment technicians
  • Heavy equipment technicians
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians

Contracting procedure will depend on the value of services to be provided.

Small Contracts

  • Laundry services
  • Clothing repair
  • Rebuild services
  • Accommodation services
  • Tire repair
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Radio equipment
  • Expediting
  • Telecommunications

Companies will usually ask for quotes for these contracts from interested and qualified service providers.

Large Contracts: direct services at the mine site

  • Food delivery
  • Housekeeping
  • Janitorial services
  • Logistics coordination
  • Supply services and management
  • Equipment rental and maintenance
  • Vehicle rental and maintenance
  • Mine operation services
  • Transportation services
  • Engineering services
  • Environmental and climate monitoring
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Construction work
  • Electrical and piping work
  • Steel and concrete work
  • Earth-moving
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Construction management
  • Camp operations
  • Sea freight shipping
  • Security services
  • Port construction and operation
  • Ongoing remediation

For these services, companies will often follow a competitive tendering (contracting) process. This usually includes a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI), prequalification, Request for Proposal (RFP) and tender evaluation before awarding the contract. These contracts will be advertised publicly and require proposals from bidders.