International Engagement

As the national representative voice of Inuit women, Pauktuutit works to ensure that the perspectives of Inuit women are heard on an international level. This often means working directly with other indigenous nations and organizations from around the world. In particular, Pauktuutit has developed close working relationships with indigenous women and their representative organizations across Latin America.

As direct participants of the Continental Network, Pauktuutit has participated in international forums where indigenous women from all over North, Central and South America share information about issues of mutual concern. The work of this Network strengthens the autonomy of indigenous women on the international stage and participates annually in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII). The United Nations has recognized over 100 recommendations provided by the Continental Network, which address issues as violence against indigenous women, the need for full political participation, and the duty of governments to consult indigenous women on all matters impacting their territories and communities. Pauktuutit will continue to engage with these groups to ensure that Inuit women’s voices are a part of this ongoing conversation.

Pauktuutit has been working with the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas (the “Continental Network”). This is a representative network of Indigenous organizations in the Americas aimed at building dialogue between Indigenous women on issues of similar concerns. The Continental Network creates dialogue between indigenous women so they can exchange information of mutual concern with one another. At meetings, indigenous women from around North America exchange action plans and strategies in order to influencing policies and processes in their respective nations. Representing Inuit women, Pauktuutit ensures that the voice of Inuit women is heard at the international level.

Beginning on November 7th, 2011, Pauktuutit participated in a week-long forum of the Continental Network that was held in Peru. The objective of this meeting was to develop a strategic plan for 2012-2022. The bylaws and regulations included the discussions from the March 2011 general assembly meeting in Cuernavaca, Mexico. These were also reviewed in addition to the development of an annual, triennial and decennial strategic plan on how to move the network forward.