Political Equality

Identified as one of the top three priorities for decades, Pauktuutit strives to achieve political equality for Inuit women in Canada. As the national representative voice of Inuit women in Canada, Pauktuutit encourages and supports their full participation at regional, national and international levels to ensure that the specific needs and priorities of Inuit women are not overlooked. Specifically, this involves ensuring that Inuit women’s voices are heard within the Canadian public, other national Aboriginal organizations, and the federal government. Within this struggle, Pauktuutit recognizes the balance between the genders and the equal contribution made by men and women to their families, communities and society as a whole.

With the financial assistance of Heritage Canada, Pauktuutit launched the Arnait Tumingit – Women’s Footprints newsletter. This initiative provided timely, accurate and relevant information to all Inuit women on self-government initiatives. There were two issues produced (Summer 2011 and Fall 2011).Through the Arnait Tumingit – Women’s Footprints, Pauktuutit has encouraged the participation of Inuit women in self-government initiatives. By promoting improved self-confidence and leadership skills, women can enjoy greater participate in leadership and decision-making activities. This newsletter reflects Pauktuutit’s continuous dedication in achieving these goals for Inuit women in Canada and their families.

Pauktuutit submitted a proposal to continue this work and has recently received the sad news that it will not continue to be funded for the 2012-2013 year. For this initiative, the socio-economic development team will seek new funding opportunities to carry on Arnait Tumingit – Women’s Footprint.

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