COVID-19 Support Program

Pauktuutit is pleased to deliver temporary COVID-19 support to Inuit women and their families who live outside Inuit Nunangat. This form will serve as your application to access food support, cultural support, child and family support and on-line learning support.

Eligibility Criteria: This support is accessible to all who self-identify as Inuit living outside Inuit Nunangat and who are experiencing some level of food insecurity.

To be eligible, you must not have accessed COVID-19 related support from another Inuit Organization including the following:

  • Atelihai Inuit
  • Inuit Community Development and Education Foundation
  • Southern Quebec Inuit Association
  • Toronto Inuit Association
  • Tunngasugit Inc.
  • Yellowknife Inuit Kattujiqatigiit
  • Tungasuvvingat Inuit

Finally, due to the requirements of the funding, please confirm that you are Inuk.

The following table outlines the support, eligibility and occurrence.

Food Support $200/month for six monthsInuit women and their familiesEvery month for six months
Cultural Support $100Inuit womenOne-time allowance
Child and Family Support $100 per child and $250 per familyInuit women and their familiesOne-time allowance
On-line Learning Supports $250 per childInuit children 5-16 years of ageOne-time allowance

Section I- Applicant Information This section is information about you, you only need to complete this form once.

COVID-19 Support Program Application Form
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Inuit Identity Attestation