Engaging Inuit Men and Boys in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls
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Pilimmaksarniq the Engaging Men and Boys in Reducing Violence against Women and Girls II Community of Practice

Welcome! We are so pleased that you are here. In this community, we believe that engaging men and boy as partners in ending violence against women and girls is key to achieving the health and well-being of all Inuit. Violence against women and girls is not a woman’s issue: it is everyone’s issue that affects entire communities. It is necessary for violence against women and girls to be recognized as a serious community problem in need of a community-based solution through the engagement of men and boys. Healthy Inuit are safe Inuit and everyone matters!

This community of practice will provide an on-line gathering space to participate in discussions, share resources and information to increase capacity to engage men and boys to end violence against violence women and girls. Through this venue, we will network, share ideas and collaborate on improving the well-being and safety of Inuit families and communities.

We look forward to your participation.

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