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What is a Network?

A network is a group of people who are connected by a similar issue or topic of interest. The Inuit Women in Business Network priorities are defined by what the members want from each other and from us at Pauktuutit. This means the success of the IWBN relies on women like you to participate and communicate with us what your needs are as a business woman.

Joining the IWBN is free and only requires a few minutes of your time to fill out your information.

Perks of Joining the IWBN

Members of the Inuit Women in Business Network, have access to various perks. The options may change depending on the needs of our members at any given time. We currently include the following:

  • Free mentorship;
  • Monthly e-newsletter straight to your inbox;
  • Input on new resources;
  • Support inside and outside of your community;
  • Swag and free merchandise; and
  • Promotion of your business across the IWBN.

Interested in joining the Network? We’re happy to have you!

Join the Network

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