Request for Proposals – Development of text to support funding applications for: Addressing or fleeing family violence for shelters, transitional housing and for grass roots programs for Inuit women, gender diverse individuals, and their children

Statement of Work


Inuit-specific resource development to support applications for shelters, transitional housing or gender-based violence programming for Canadian Inuit women.


Following decades of advocacy by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, in January 2021, the federal government announced a commitment to fund the construction and ongoing operation and management of new Inuit-specific shelters for women and children.

The announcement reflected the high rate of violence experienced by Inuit women – 14 times the national average according to Statistics Canada, the lack of shelters for Inuit women and children fleeing violence and the need for safe spaces that are culturally based and able to provide healing and other support services to help woman successfully transition out of crisis.

The Inuit-specific shelters initiative also addresses the findings and recommendations of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’ inquiry report, including 46 Inuit-specific Calls for Justice.  The initiative also reflects concrete action by the federal government on the Inuit Action Plan in response to the National Inquiry’s findings and recommendations, in partnership with Inuit.   

Following this announcement, in February 2021, a Working Group was formed with representatives from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Pauktuutit to support a collaborative approach to the delivery of this initiative and a Work Plan was developed.

Goals of the Overarching Project

Pauktuutit is working with Indigenous services Canada (ISC) and Canada Mortgage and Housing (CMHC) to support a project that will inform and advise the Government of Canada on Inuit women, gender-diverse individuals and their children.  This project aims to address capacity and time constraints often experienced in the development of proposals to access funding that would enable communities and organizations the ability to operate and provide family violence initiatives and safe spaces.

The overarching project will inform and provide a better understanding of the gender-based violence impacts on Inuit women, gender-diverse individuals and their children.  By completing this work, we will be able to:

Scope and Deliverables

This is an open call to individuals, firms, or organizations to propose the development of Inuit-specific, gender-based violence resource with clear examples and supporting documents that would aid in the development of proposals for violence and abuse prevention as well as proposals for providing safe spaces.

The project outcomes will provide Inuit proponents equitable access to programs, supports and funding for Inuit women, gender-diverse individuals and their children. The project will also produce gender and Inuit-specific data regarding GBV, IPV and statistical information available from credible existing data sources. Furthermore, the research will provide a better understanding of the current capacity and support available to Inuit women across the country in addition to advocating for a more equitable representation of Inuit women, gender-diverse individuals and their children facing or fleeing family violence provincially/territorially and nationally.

  1. A comprehensive workplan, critical path, risk management document, and various other documents required for effective project management between Pauktuutit and the contractor.
  2. Development and comprehensive report of the Inuit specific resources to support proponents in formulating application text for CMHC and FVPP initiatives, including:
  3. Application examples with options for best choice by end-users (sample application):
    • Emergency shelters;
    • Transitional housing; and
    • Family violence programming.
  4. Data and research materials to support applications:
    • Literature review, and literature review summary report;
    • Up-to date StatsCan data, delineated and identified for user friendliness;
    • Community assessments (quick links and quotes from existing resources);
    • Ancillary resources for communities to draw upon to support proposal applications; and
    • Position statements which draw from each; UNDRIP, TRC, MMIWG and Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, and any other materials that may be relevant to support application processes.

It is important for applicants to demonstrate an understanding of Inuit culture, the traditional and evolving nuances of Inuit women’s roles, in addition to the indicators unique to Inuit women. It is important that indicators ensure equitable consideration of all Inuit women.

Applicants must also have extensive experience working with Inuit and Inuit-led organizations.  They must possess effective communication skills and methodology and have the proven expertise to produce culturally relevant work.


The duration of the contract will be from July 11, 2022, to Jan 31, 2023.

  • Bids accepted until June 17, 2022
  • Contract begins July 11, 2022
  • Contract ends Jan 31, 2023

Pauktuutit’s Roles and Responsibilities

The primary contact at Pauktuutit for this project is Christine Lund, Business Planning and Enablement Manager ( Pauktuutit commits to providing the information and materials necessary to complete the work and will respond to requests for information promptly.

Pauktuutit will provide all applicants with a final decision within five business days following the submission deadline.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Copyright

The successful applicant shall not disclose to any party any confidential information gained or resulting from activities undertaken under this project, nor shall the applicant disclose any information concerning Pauktuutit or their affairs while working on this project.

Pauktuutit and the successful applicant will agree to acknowledge and accord appropriate credit for each other’s contribution to this project, including any products developed and disseminated as a result. Both parties will agree on how credit is attributed, depending on the nature and degree of each organization’s contribution.

Pauktuutit retains ownership of all materials and intellectual property created, designed, or produced because of activities undertaken by the successful applicant when awarded this project.

The successful applicant will generate original work for this project.

Proposal Instructions

  • Applicants must submit their company name, and confirm their incorporation, references, and/or portfolio;
  • Submit by email to;
  • All submissions must be in Word or PDF format; and
  • Estimates/budgets must remain firm until March 31, 2023.

No payment will be made for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this RFP.

  • No costs incurred before receipt of a signed contract can be charged to the proposed contract;
  • Travel that may be required will be separate from this scope of work budget and will be paid for by Pauktuutit; and,
  • Pauktuutit reserves the right not to award a contract because of this RFP.


The proposal must include:

  • A detailed budget and demonstrates the objectives and deliverables for the project can be met;
  • Indicate the billing rate and role for consultant(s);
  • List any other expenses that might be applicable; and.
  • The total bid MUST include 13% HST tax.

Rights of the Organization

Pauktuutit reserves the right to:

  • Enter negotiations with one or more bidders on any or all aspects of this proposal;
  • Accept any proposal in whole or in part;
  • Cancel and/or re-issue this requirement at any time;
  • Award one or more contracts; and
  • Verify any or all information provided by the bidder regarding this requirement.

Contact Information

Please direct the application to:
Christine Lund
Business Planning and Enablement Manager
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
520 – 1 Nicholas St., Ottawa ON K1N 7B7

Contact Information

Please direct the application to:

Christine Lund
Business Planning and Enablement Manager
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
520 – 1 Nicholas St., Ottawa ON K1N 7B7