Request for Proposals – National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence: Empowering Inuit Women in Leadership – An Environmental Scan and Needs Assessment

Statement of Work 


National Action Plan on Gender-based Violence: Empowering Inuit Women in Leadership: An Environmental Scan and Needs Assessment 


As the national voice for Inuit women in Canada, Pauktuutit fosters greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, advocates for equality and social improvements, and encourages Inuit women’s full participation in the community, regional and national life of Canada. 

One component of advocating for the social, cultural, political and economic betterment of Inuit women, their families and communities is to ensure that the necessary policy tools are developed and applied in a manner that reflects the realities and needs of Inuit women. It is important that Inuit women be able to influence policies that affect their daily lives, to access programs and services that are available to help improve their quality of life, and to enjoy a quality of life that is comparable to other Canadian women. For this to happen we must foster gender equality as well as recognize leadership values among Inuit women. 

Gender equality and diversity are fundamental to enhance the safety and security of Inuit women and children. The past half century has seen major advancements in gender equality and diversity in Canada. Although it is recognized that both Inuit men and women experience violence, research shows that Inuit women experience significantly higher rates of violence. The rate of violence experienced by Inuit women is 14 times the national average and is higher than that experience by any other group of women in Canada. This type of violence is rooted in the power inequality between women and men and is maintained by social norms and gender stereotypes. Due to the high levels of violence and gender inequity, Inuit women continue to be underrepresented in leadership roles. 

Gender equality is important but does not happen automatically and requires informed advice and input. A substantive and equitable plan requires an ideological vision as well as action on the part of governments, businesses, and social groups. Gender equality considerations for Inuit women continue to be a priority for Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada to eradicate and address gender-based violence. It is our expectation that following this needs assessment and environmental scan we will provide concrete, evidence-based advice to inform progressive policies that will support Inuit women and will contribute to addressing and fighting gender-based violence, while increasing Inuit women’s safety. 

To achieve substantive and gender equality outcomes in Canada, Inuit women have the right to self-determination, gender-equity, and safety. Inuit women are in the best position to ensure Inuit-specific GBA+ framework that reflects distinct Inuit cultural values and practices. Organizations such as Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, the regional Inuit women’s organizations, and many community organizations have proven expertise and success in addressing the needs of community (Inuit women and their children). We need to adapt and scale-up up these community-led best-practices and invest in the capacity of Inuit women to implement equitable solutions that have the greatest impact to address gender-based violence and support Inuit women to take up their leadership roles. 

Goals of the Project 

  • To ensure the implementation of GBV (Gender Based Violence)+ framework to address violence and ensure safety of Inuit women. 
  • To increase equitable and diverse leadership opportunities to enhance the safety of Inuit women. 
  • To empower Inuit women and their democratic participation in their respective communities. 

Objectives of the Project 

The objective of this proposal is to request funding to address gendered-based violence against Inuit women by supporting the advancement of equitable opportunities that promote success and safety of Inuit women. The project embraces a solutions-based approach with a focus on the advancement of Inuit women’s leadership. This will include activities such as a needs assessment, environmental scans, scoping and recommendations to increase Inuit women’s leadership and advancement of safety in leadership roles. 

Specific Scope of Requirement 

Use a gender-based analysis lens to undertake an assessment that outlines gaps, barriers, and opportunities to increasing participation of Inuit women and girls in leadership and decision-making roles. The assessment will be informed by available research and data, engagement with community members and other relevant stakeholders, and other sources (as relevant). 

By conducting this initial research and scan we anticipate finding answers to questions such as: 

  • What initiatives currently exist to encourage Inuit women and girls in leadership roles? 
  • What are the key gaps and/or barriers to the participation of Inuit women and girls in leadership? 
  • Are there specific gaps, barriers and needs for different communities? 
  • What are the opportunities and recommended actions to address identified gaps? 

Based on the results of the assessment, the Pauktuutit may develop a further proposal to support Indigenous women and increase their leadership and democratic participation in their respective communities. 

It is important for applicants to demonstrate an understanding of Inuit culture, the traditional and evolving nuances of Inuit women’s roles, in addition to the indicators unique to Inuit women. It is important that indicators ensure equitable consideration of all Inuit women. 

Applicants must also have extensive experience working with Inuit and Inuit led organizations. They must possess effective communication skills and methodology and have the proven expertise to produce culturally relevant work. 


The duration of the contract will be from Dec 1, 2021 to March 15, 2022. 

  • Bids accepted until Nov 18, 2021; 
  • Contract begins Dec 1, 2021; 
  • Contract ends March 15, 2022. 

Pauktuutit’s Roles and Responsibilities 

The primary contact at Pauktuutit for this project is Cheryl Reid, Senior policy advisor, ( Pauktuutit commits to providing the information and materials necessary to complete the work and will respond to requests for information promptly. 

Pauktuutit will provide all applicants with a final decision within five business days following the submission deadline. 

Confidentiality, Privacy and Copyright 

The successful applicant shall not disclose to any party any confidential information gained or resulting from activities undertaken under this project, nor shall the applicant disclose any information concerning Pauktuutit or their affairs while working on this project. 

Pauktuutit and the successful applicant will agree to acknowledge and accord appropriate credit for each other’s contribution to this project, including any products developed and disseminated as a result. Both parties will agree on how credit is attributed, depending on the nature and degree of each organization’s contribution. 

Pauktuutit retains ownership of all materials and intellectual property created, designed, or produced because of activities undertaken by the successful applicant when awarded this project. 

The successful applicant will generate original work for this project. 

Proposal Instructions 

  • Applicants must submit their company name, and confirm their incorporation, references, and/or portfolio; 
  • Submit by email to
  • All submissions must be in Word or PDF format; and 
  • Estimates/budgets must remain firm until March 31, 2022.  

No payment will be made for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this RFP; 

  • No costs incurred before receipt of a signed contract can be charged to the proposed contract; 
  • Travel that may be required will be separate from this scope of work budget and will be paid for by Pauktuutit; and, 
  • Pauktuutit reserves the right not to award a contract because of this RFP. 


The proposal must include: 

  • A detailed budget not to exceed $78,535 including HST and demonstrates the objectives and deliverables for the project can be met; 
  • Indicate the billing rate; 
  • List any other expenses that might be applicable; and. 
  • The total bid MUST include 13% HST tax. 

Rights of the Organization 

Pauktuutit reserves the right to: 

  • Enter negotiations with one or more bidders on any or all aspects of this proposal; 
  • Accept any proposal in whole or in part; 
  • Cancel and/or re-issue this requirement at any time; 
  • Award one or more contracts; and 
  • verify any or all information provided by the bidder regarding this requirement. 

Contact Information 

Please direct the application to: 

Cheryl Reid 
Senior Policy Advisor 
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada 
520 – 1 Nicholas St., Ottawa ON K1N 7B7 

Contact Information

Please direct the application to: