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Early Learning and Childcare

Early Child Development Goals for the future

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada recognizes that the work for Inuit Early Child Development can always be improved and enhanced. With beliefs firmly rooted in community-based, proactive programs some national goals include:

  • Listen to the priorities of northern families as brought forward by our Board of Directors;
  • Collaborate to create, develop and distribute cultural resources for all Inuit day care staff such as syllabic alphabet flashcards and Inuktitut language resources;
  • Participate in working groups and committees to ensure that all aspects of Inuit child care are recognized;
  • Focus on the resource needs of children during their middle childhood years;
  • Build partnerships around healthy living strategies;
  • Liaise closely with federal departments on Inuit ECD issues, initiatives, programs and policy to communicate how Inuit women see ECD working beneficially for their children and families;
  • Continue and broaden research and consultation that will improve and support Inuit Early Child Development, in all forms, formal and informal;
  • Continue our work to enhance and implement the goals and objectives of the Inuit Early Child Development Working Group Strategy;
  • Develop and disseminate resources and discussion papers on Childhood issues for parents and day care staff, including how to enhance child care programs to assist children with FASD.