Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and the Family Justice System Response

Inuit women in Canada face high rates of intimate partner violence (IPV) and often struggle to access appropriate support due to discrimination and limited resources. This project aims to bridge this gap by providing specialized training and resources to justice practitioners such as court workers and legal aids, helping them better support Inuit individuals affected by IPV.

Saimaniik Toolkit

The Saimaniik Toolkit, developed by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, addresses the overrepresentation of Inuit women in experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) and the barriers they face in accessing support. It aims to enhance understanding among justice practitioners of the historical and current contexts shaping these experiences, providing practical strategies to help Inuit communities deal with IPV.

Saimaniik Toolkit was developed with input from survivors of IPV, legal professionals, subject matter experts, community members from across Canada. It is designed to:

  • – Establish the needs and priorities for survivors of intimate partner violence.
  • – Help close the service gaps.
  • – Strengthen the understanding of the legal service providers of challenges ad risks faced by Inuit women.

Environmental Scan

The environmental scan conducted for this project covers resources and services in each region of Inuit Nunangat and select urban centers, as well as at broader national, provincial, and territorial levels. It identifies existing resources for law practitioners and frontline workers supporting Inuit IPV survivors through the legal system, highlighting gaps and needs. The scan focuses on Inuit-specific or broadly relevant Indigenous Canadian resources, excluding non-Indigenous specific materials.

Pauktuutit believes all actions undertaken should be grounded in evidence-based data to support responses. To ensure that the voices of Inuit women are heard, we support research, data collection, and environmental scans / gap analysis.

Saimaniik Workshop

The Saimaniik Workshop is a culturally specific program developed to bridge gaps in current practices, enhance cultural competency and knowledge, and improve responses to intimate partner violence (IPV). This interactive workshop incorporates an Inuit-specific Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) lens. Participants will explore the continuum of aggression and abuse, consider the dynamics of control versus responsibility, and examine IPV within the historical context of Inuit communities. The workshop also provides an opportunity to analyze the family justice system’s response to the complexities of IPV and its risk factors.

“I have learned and clarified the reality survivors of Intimate Partner Violence in the Inuit Community are living, and also got a better understanding of the roots of so many barriers that have been created since Colonization began that are still affecting cultures and traditions.”

Glenda Valdez Silva

Planned Workshops


For more information on our workshops, please contact Stephanie Nirlungayuk

Toronto, ON

Held on Nov 13th, 2024 at George Brown College, King Campus

Facilitators: Vicky auf de Mauer, and Stephanie Nirlungayuk

Iqaluit, NU

May 16th, 2024, Location TBC

Facilitators: Vicky auf de Mauer, and Stephanie Nirlungayuk

Rankin Inlet, NU

May 21st, 2024, Location TBC

Facilitators: Vicky auf de Mauer, and Stephanie Nirlungayuk