Baker Lake Meeting Report

Project Description

This research report is the second of two documents dealing with the social impacts of mining activity near Qamani’tuaq (Baker Lake) on Inuit women and families in the community. The first report (March 2014) was based on interviews and qualitative data. This report deals with results of a questionnaire, with content developed in 2013 by Inuit women of Qamani’tuaq in the course of a week-long workshop.

The questionnaire was completed by 62 women, aged 19 years and older. The data deals with their experience, perceptions and feelings. While social impact research typically focuses on statistical indicators (rates at which services are engaged, facilities used, employment rates, training received, health statistics, etc.), there are considerable shortcomings to this approach. The quality of life experience is important. Regardless of what indicators may reveal, how women perceive and feel about their experiences are essential to appreciating impacts.

Project Details

Department Social and Economic Development
Year Published 2015
Also Available in Inuktitut