EYMB Toolkit

Project Description

Ajuqiqtuq Parenting Life Skills Toolkit was developed to articulate and reinforce the benefits of preparing young Inuit men and boys to understand the skills needed to communicate and maintain healthy relationships, to learn about the importance of managing anger and stress, and to understand the value of accepting gender and sexual diversity among Inuit. Together, this knowledge will help young fathers discover practical coping skills to help them positively manage the stress and frustration that can come with parenting.

The toolkit also offers practical information on life skills grounded in Inuit Quajimajatuqangit, interpersonal communication skills in promoting gender equality and providing care and support in efforts to prevent gender-based violence. The toolkit also covers Inuit games and land-based activities for youth bonding and learning about resilience. The tools and activities provided may be adapted and utilized by other organizations, in addition to offering guidance on advocacy, needs assessment, and monitoring related efforts to engage Inuit young men and boys.

The purpose of the Ajuqiqtuq Toolkit was created to:   

  1. Provide guidance to plan and facilitate a Parenting Life Skills Workshop for young Inuit men and boys; 
  1. Share the ever-growing body of Inuit knowledge on mental and emotional life skills, healing, and Inuit parenting; and 
  2. Contribute to healthy families. 

Project Details

Department: Violence & Abuse Prevention, Justice
Year Published 2024