Improving Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Service across Inuit Nunangat

Project Description

The Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada has prioritized the expansion of Inuit midwifery services for Inuit women and gender-diverse Inuit. To initiate systemic change, Pauktuutit convened a stakeholder gathering in partnership with the National Council of Indigenous Midwives, supported by funding from Indigenous Services Canada. We hosted a virtual National Inuit Midwifery Forum on the afternoons of March 28-30, 2023, to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Inuit, the role of Inuit midwives, the importance of culturally informed midwifery services, and the need for a rights-based framework to support the return and integration of Inuit midwifery.

This report summarizes the proceedings and outcomes of the National Inuit Midwifery Forum. It is part of ongoing efforts to develop a National Inuit Midwifery Framework, based on the belief that sexual and reproductive health are inherent human rights, and that Inuit are entitled to high-quality, evidence-informed, and culturally safe care.


Project Details

Department: Health Policy
Year Published 2024