Planning for the Future: The Reality Inuit Women Face When Seeking Shelter From Domestic Violence

Project Description

This study reports key findings related to the availability of shelters and safe spaces for women and gender-diverse people and their children in Inuit Nunangat and in southern urban centres, including barriers that both clients and service providers regularly encounter and opportunities to improve the quantity and quality of service. Through utilizing existing data, a survey, and key informant interviews, this project addresses significant gaps in knowledge around the realities in supports and services available for this vulnerable population.

To undertake this work, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada contracted to collect and analyse survey and discussion group data to provide a better understanding of the use and access to shelters, the specific experiences of Inuit women, gender-diverse individuals, and their children, and what their needs are with respect to shelter facilities, communities, and infrastructure.

Project Details

Department: Shelters and Housing, Social and Economic Development
Year Published: 2024