Shelters in Inuit Nunangat

Information to access shelters and homelessness supports in urban areas

“Homelessness has an impact on every community in Canada. It affects individuals, families, women fleeing violence, youth, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities. In 2016, an estimated 129,000 people experienced homelessness at an emergency shelter.“i

We know this is a serious problem for many Inuit, and in particular Inuit women. With the added hardships of COVID-19, the risk of homelessness is high. It can be worse for those who already live in overcrowded homes or who do not have secure housing, whether in the North or in cities in the south. The federal government has made efforts to tackle homelessness across the country with a homelessness initiative called Reaching Home.

The Government of Canada has provided the Reaching Home initiative an extra $157.5 million to support people experiencing homelessness during this health crisis. These funds have been distributed to the existing 105 shelters listed under the Reaching Home.

Pauktuutit is advocating for Reaching Home and shelters in urban centres to work with local Inuit organizations to support shelters and services used by Inuit.

Where to turn for help for your community

Find supports for women in urban cities –

Reaching Home Community Entities and Sheltersii

Find a shelter for women and children fleeing violence

“Women’s shelters and transition houses are open during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect women and children fleeing violence. If you or someone you know in a city needs help or wants to speak to a shelter worker, you can find your closest women’s shelter and their crisis line on this website,”i To find a shelter in Inuit Nunangat, click here.

Sivummuatsiarniq: An Urban Resource Guide for Inuit Women includes resources for Inuit women and families, as well as service providers.

For information on shelters in your area find a community entity in your area and follow the link to the resource near you: development/programs/homelessness/find-community.html

Find a shelter here:

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