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Welcome to the Inuit Women in Business Network!


The IWBN is a dedicated platform designed to empower and support Inuit women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide essential resources, practical guides, and information for Inuit women to thrive in their business goals. Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, our network offers tailored support and tools to help you succeed. Explore our comprehensive range of resources and join us in fostering a community of vibrant, innovative, and successful Inuit women entrepreneurs.

Who Is It For?

Any Inuit Women are welcome

Any Inuk Woman

Our resources are designed for all Inuit women, regardless of age or ability.

From any region or community

Anywhere in Canada

No matter how big or small your community, if you live anywhere in Canada, the IWBN will support you.

No matter the type of business

Any Type of Business

Whether you sew parkas, make soaps in your kitchen, design jewelry or even sell bannock, the IWBN has the resources you need!

Meaningful Support for Your Business

Featured Inuit Businesswomen

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