Uuktuutiit: Inuit Sexual Health Indicators

Uuktuutiit: Inuit Sexual Health Indicators, responds to the 2017 Tavva: Inuit Sexual Health Strategy objective for Inuit-specific surveillance of sexual health and is directed towards future research orientations. Uuktuutit touches on efforts described in the Ikajurniq: Cascade of Care to measure initiatives related to monitoring STBBIs but goes beyond by including other key aspects that effect sexual health and wellness such as, reducing sexual violence, providing more mental health services in communities and supporting gender and sexual diversity. While 15 indicators were selected by the National Inuit Sexual Health Network members to as the foci of Uuktuutit, it is important to note that there is not one single approach to measuring sexual health and that the selection and application of indicators must be regionally and community specific.

Project Details

Department: Health
Year Published: 2021