Let’s Talk about Ujarak: a Cannabis Harm Reduction Toolkit

Let’s Talk About Ujarak is a cannabis resource toolkit, guided by Inuit values and created to help Inuit increase their knowledge about cannabis use and how to reduce possible harms. The resources in this toolkit include factsheets, posters, a discussion guide, an assessment tool, and more – all developed from a trauma-informed and strength-based Inuit perspective.

Below you’ll find resources for new and expecting parents and youth, as well as general information that can help Inuit to make informed decisions about cannabis. These resources are also freely available to service providers and all members of the community.

Cannabis 101

Cannabis is a plant that produces flowers or buds that when used, can affect a person’s mind, body, and mood. Learn more about cannabis products, effects, and potential health impacts.

Information for New and Expecting Parents

There is still much to learn about how cannabis use affects developing fetuses, babies, and children. Find more information about how cannabis can interact with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child development, as well as helpful harm reduction techniques.

Information for Youth

Because the bodies and brains of youth are still growing, youth are more at risk to the potential harms of cannabis. Learn more about how cannabis can affect youth as well as tips to reduce the risks of cannabis use.

Discussion Guides

Many factors influence Inuit decisions to use substances like cannabis, including our past experiences, current realities, and our culture. Learn more about these factors and how you can help open discussions around cannabis with your family or community.

Both are available in: Available in: English, Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Inuttitut, Inuvialuktun, Nunavik

Reflecting on My Cannabis Use tool

The Reflecting on My Cannabis Use tool is a short, anonymous activity designed to help users reflect on their relationship with cannabis, understand any potential impacts on their life, and recommend helpful resources based on their decisions.

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