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Workshop: The Hidden Face

Pauktuutit was able to undertake Phase I of the Addressing the Needs of Child Sexual Abuse Project in 2007/08. The objectives were to adapt a DVD public awareness tool entitled The Hidden Face from Greenlandic to a Canadian Inuktitut dialect, to develop a facilitator and participant manuals, publication and accompanying workbook for a four-day training workshop for front-line workers, educators and other professionals.

Phase II of Addressing the Needs of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors adapted a second DVD that was produced in Greenland. The first DVD addresses the impacts of child sexual abuse on a child while the second DVD addresses the adult implications of child sexual abuse. It is important that both the first and second DVD are part of the training module/resources.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content and the need to have a safe environment to discuss these issues, Pauktuutit recommends that The Hidden Face curriculum be used in professional development settings until more supports and resources for sexual abuse victims, survivors and their families are available in the communities.