Angiqatigik – Breaking Barriers, Creating Opportunities

Project Description

In 2015, Pauktuutit received funding through the federal Urban Aboriginal Strategy to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the economic participation of Inuit women across Inuit Nunangat. The goal of the project was to engage diverse stakeholders in each region of the North to explore and categorize the barriers that Inuit women face in securing sustainable employment, through entrepreneurship or in the workplace. In this way, Pauktuutit would be able to build partnerships to collaboratively determine priorities and recommendations for action to increase the engagement of Inuit women in the Arctic economy. The final result of this project is the Angiqatigik strategy.

The strategy is a reference on the needs, challenges and goals of Inuit women as they build their futures, provide for their families and contribute to their communities. The information and recommendations presented have been collected from Inuvialuit, Nunavut, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut regions, with input from more than 37 organizational stakeholders and 145 Inuit women. It is Pauktuutit’s intention that this strategy be used to raise awareness and to inform governments, educational institutions, service providers and the private sector across the North in planning to increase the engagement of Inuit women. It is only through the development of policies, programs, training and services that address the unique responsibilities and barriers faced by Inuit women that we will be able to support their equal participation in the social and economic development of Inuit Nunangat.

Project Details

Department Social & Economic Development

Year Published 2017

Available in Inuktitut, English