Oral Submissions of Rebecca Kudloo

Project Description

On Behalf Of Pauktuutit, Anânaukatiget Tuminqit, Saturviit, The Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre and the Manitoba Inuit Association

These Submissions are Made in Memory of the Inuit Women and Girls Who Were Murdered

Joy Semmler, Angela Meyer, Betsy Kalaserk, Jessica Michaels, Sula Enuaraq and her two daughters, Alexandra and Aliyah, Edith Angalik, Loretta Saunders, Katie Obed, Deidre Michelin, Della Ootoova, Mary Evans Harlick, Sylvia Lyall, Tracy Uttak, Kimberly Jarause, Alacie Nowrakudluk and Mary Ann Birmingham as told to the Inquiry by their families in public hearings, to the Inuit women and girls whose families told their stories in camera, to those whose families gave statements, and to those whose families have not yet been able to tell their stories.

Project Details

Department National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Year Published 2018