Eunice Tunraluk
Arctic Bay, Nunavut
“Women are very important, from long ago, as far as time. They are vital part of being such that they are mothers, cleaners, seamstresses, makers of warm clothing. They work while wearing amauti inside the small homes or igloos, or in tents during summertime. Their way of life was wearing amauti. The mothers are very valuable and have a very important role.”

About Eunice’s Design

I am honoured to have sewn a red Akuq Amauti for those that have not been found. This amauti is a traditional style from Arctic Bay and Eastern Arctic, which is Baffin Island, Nunavut. I have been working with my late mother-in-law Tuugaq and my mother Qaapik, learning techniques and different patterns that were traced from my ancestors. This red Akuq Amauti has a beautiful fox fur on the hood to keep the woman and child warm.

It is important for me to acknowledge those missing Inuit women and children. It has been too long waiting for an answer to those that went missing. The pain and anger have continued up to this day without a voice to hear.

About Eunice

My Name is Eunice Attagutsiak Tunraluk. I was born and raised in Ikpiarjuk (Arctic Bay). My husband and I raised seven amazing children: four girls and two boys and one girl we adopted. I am a teacher and have been teaching for more than 25 years at Inuujaq School in Arctic Bay.

I truly enjoy being a teacher. I have been taught traditional sewing skills to make warm clothing from the hides and furs that are hunted by my supporting husband Rubuen Tunraluk. This includes cleaning and preserving the hides I use to sew. I have a lot of family on both sides of me and my husband. All the beautiful ladies are seamstresses and are recognized for their traditional patterns and the nice clothing they make.

I very much enjoy making beautiful traditional clothing. I have learnt so much from my late mother-in-law Tuugaq Tunraluk and my mother Qapik Attagutsiak, who is 101 years old. I have been learning new techniques and different patterns throughout my life. Wisdom, techniques and patterns have been passed on to me through the generations, starting from my great-great-grandparents. I feel so blessed to have great teachers in my life.