OTTAWA – September 7, 2021 – To mark World Sexual Health Day on September 4, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada launched two new resources related to Inuit-specific sexual health and wellness strategies and indicators aimed at healthcare providers, policy makers and researchers.

Created under the direction and expertise of the National Inuit Sexual Health Network, the Updated and Expanded Ikajurniq: A Cascade of Care Framework for Sexually Transmitted & Blood Borne Infections (STBBIs) and Uuktuutiit: Inuit Sexual Health Indicators are integral tools for monitoring and maintaining sexual health across Inuit Nunangat and urban centers.

“For close to 40 years, Pauktuutit has led the way in advocating for and producing Inuit-specific resources related to sexual health,” said President Rebecca Kudloo. “Ikajurniq (ability to help one another) and Uuktuutiit (measuring with the tools readily available) are two examples of our commitment to furthering education and action to reduce STBBIs in our communities and to promote a holistic, life-long approach to sexual health.”

Inuit perceptions of sexual health go far beyond the absence of illness. This said, there are still concerns about increasing rates of STBBIs. In part, these rates are due to low sexual health literacy rates as well as the reluctance of a large portion of Inuit to discuss this subject. Moreover, the lack of infrastructure, and culturally appropriate, anti-racist health programs and systems leads to reduced diagnosis and treatment of STBBIs. These considerations and others are addressed in the Ikajurniq: Cascade of Care Framework, so that pathways to positive sexual health and wellness outcomes can be highlighted and achieved.

Pauktuutit’s second resource, Uuktuutit builds on these considerations to include sexual indicators that are unique to Inuit women, our communities, and experiences. It includes gendered, distinction-based indicators that affect sexual health such as reducing family violence, providing more mental health services in communities, and supporting gender and sexual diversity.

Both documents are now available on our website, and printed publications will be distributed throughout the regions. Pauktuutit will be providing Inuktut translated versions of both resources in the near future.

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Pauktuutit is the national non-profit organization representing all Inuit women in Canada. 

Its mission is to foster a greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, and to encourage their participation in community, regional and national concerns in relation to social, cultural and economic development.