OTTAWA, April 14, 2022 – Following a special Board of Directors meeting on April 12, Pauktuutit is pleased to announce the following changes to our leadership team, until our AGM in February 2023.

  • Nancy Etok, representing Ungava, Nunavik, was appointed as the new Vice-President
  • Urban representative Malaya Zehr was appointed as the new Secretary-Treasurer

These elections were required to fill recent vacancies. Both Pauletta Tremblett, Vice-President, and Michelle Gruben, Secretary-Treasurer, recently resigned from their executive positions due to competing work and family priorities. However, Michelle Gruben remains as the board member representing the Inuvialuit region. 

As anticipated, Roxanne Barbour was elected to the Nunatsiavut Assembly and has resigned as Pauktuutit’s Nunatsiavut representative.

Pauktuutit is also pleased to welcome the following new Board members.

  • Lynn Blackwood was appointed as the Board director representing Happy Valley-Goose Bay, in place of Pauletta Tremblett
  • Dawn Michelin was appointed as Board director representing Nunatsiavut region, in place of Roxanne Barbour

President Gerri Sharpe, from Yellowknife, applauds Nancy Etok and Malaya Zehr for joining her in the Executive roles and congratulates the new Board members. On behalf of Pauktuutit, she wishes the outgoing members the best and thanks them for their time.

“We are excited to welcome these strong Inuit women,” President Sharpe says. “Incoming members bring new energy and ideas to the leadership team. This brings our total number to 13. We are really looking forward to the work ahead,” she continues. “Our ambition is to help Pauktuutit have a voice at the leadership tables and to help Inuit women all across Canada.”

Nancy Etok


Nancy Etok is the vice-principal at Ulluriaq School in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec. Empowering youth is one of her main goals. She loves being connected to the land and enjoys ice fishing.

“I feel very honoured to be part of an incredible and amazing group of women,” she said when accepting the Vice-President’s position. “I want to pass on to the youth the strength, resilience, and pride that I’m given by the other women at Pauktuutit.”





Malaya Zehr

Originally from Iqaluit, Malaya Zehr resides in Gatineau. She brings over 20 years of experience in administration, human resources, finance and audit committees, and especially Board governance, to the position of Secretary-Treasurer. She is the President of Larga Baffin Boarding Home in Ottawa and, together with her husband, owns Malti Consulting.

“I am thankful for this opportunity to work with a great team providing guidance and support in the Secretary-Treasurer role,” Malaya says. “I can ensure that we are compliant and transparent while meeting our goals and objectives.”  


Pauktuutit congratulates the new appointees.


For more information, contact Sarah Kastner at or at 613-331-0768.