OTTAWA – Today Ms. Rebecca Kudloo, President of Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, made the following statement on this first year anniversary of the final report on the National Inquiry into MMIWG.

“On this first anniversary of the final report of the National Inquiry into MMIWG, I want to acknowledge the strength, courage and commitment of the many families who told the stories of their loved ones. I was there along with you, as were many of our Board members and colleagues.

I know it was very difficult and opened old wounds since covered over but not forgotten. For many of you, you spoke about things you had never talked about before. While you spoke for yourselves, you spoke for so many of us. We grieve for those still lost.

Together, we invested in the National Inquiry as we had hoped for real change. We shared the hope of a country that we could reconcile this painful past and get to a future where these things no longer happen. I know many of you are very disappointed with the delay in getting to an Inuit national action plan. Like you, the Pauktuutit Board and I will never give up and will continue our discussions with government partners and others from tomorrow. Your spirit and courage are with me every day. I thank you for sharing the lives of your loved ones. May their memories live on.”


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