October 12, 2016 (Ottawa, ON)

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada adds it voice to the many expressions of concern being raised about the lack of communication by the National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

“Our Board held a regularly scheduled teleconference on September 28. Once again, I had no information to share. We know the Commissioners have a great deal of planning to do, but Commissioner Buller was quoted on September 2 as saying the commission is planning to work closely with national and regional Inuit women’s groups. As of today we have not heard from Commissioner Buller or anyone else associated with the inquiry. I have no idea how to contact them,” said President Kudloo. Pauktuutit remains committed to working with the inquiry and supporting Inuit families.

“I am increasingly concerned that the federal government still has not announced any immediate actions or initiatives to address the high rates of violence in our communities. This month marks a year since the Liberal government was elected, and we have yet to start working with them in a concrete way. The Prime Minister was told directly on October 4 at the vigil for missing and murdered indigenous women on Parliament Hill that he ‘cannot go through the political motions and appease us…You have to put your words in action.’ We agree completely,” Kudloo concluded.


Rose Mary Cooper or Tracy O’Hearn