May 07, 2015 (Ottawa, Ontario) Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada has launched an online survey about Facebook use among Inuit ages 18 to 25 as a part of a partnership with Dr. Marika Morris and Dr. Claire Crooks for Makilirit – Rise Up: Inuit youth and violence prevention through social media. We invite Inuit who are between the ages of 18 to 25 to participate, so we can learn more about how Pauktuutit and other Inuit organizations can use social media to reach young Inuit.

Twenty-five percent of Inuit now live outside Inuit Nunangat (Inuit traditional lands), many in large, urban centres. Youth in particular, whether in Canada’s North or south, are active on Facebook. Pauktuutit wants to expand its repertoire of violence prevention outreach strategies and partnered with an academic researcher (Dr. Marika Morris) to develop an evidence base for a social media outreach strategy for Inuit youth on violence prevention.

Pauktuutit will use the results of the online survey to develop targeted and effective awareness materials that can be delivered online and through social media. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. If you would like to participate in this study please click on the link below to access the letter of information and survey link.


For more about the project or the survey please contact

Marika Morris, Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Education, Western University
Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University

Katharine Irngaut, Manager, Abuse Prevention
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Available as a PDF here