Pauktuutit Supports Call for National Roundtable on Violence Against Aboriginal Women

August 28, 2014 (Ottawa, ON) Rebecca Kudloo, Pauktuutit President, is optimistic about provincial and territorial support for a national roundtable on violence against Aboriginal women. “While I was not at the Council of the Federation meeting with the other national Aboriginal organizations in Charlottetown yesterday, we continue to work closely with ITK on this issue and I thank Terry Audla for bringing our specific issues and concerns forward” she said. The Pauktuutit Board of Directors held in depth discussions about a potential national inquiry into the issue in March 2014, and passed a resolution calling for more information about the mandate, scope and timeline of any potential national inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women. Pauktuutit continues to call for the immediate development of a national action plan to address Inuit-specific priorities and will participate fully in these discussions. “I will also be at the upcoming National Aboriginal Women’s Summit in late September and I will ensure our unique circumstances and priorities are reflected in the socio-economic action plan to be developed” she added. “I look forward to collaborating with our colleagues and partners from across Inuit Nunangat as we did at NAWS III in Winnipeg in 2012,” she noted.

Pauktuutit Board also said in March 2014 that in order to support a call for a national inquiry, there must be sufficient assurance that Inuit women, families, communities and representative organizations will have the necessary support for full and meaningful participation in such a process. It will also be necessary to ensure the families of missing and murdered Inuit women are fully informed about and consulted on the need for a national inquiry. Anna-Marie Cartwright, Pauktuutit’s Board member representing Montreal, added “I completely agree we need to find a solution, but that solution not only is it about the person who is no longer with us. We must also remember the families and loved ones left behind who are in need of understanding, compassion and closure. We have to respect each other’s journey and dignity.”

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