Request for Proposals: Enhancing Inuit Sexual Health Education

Statement of Work


Enhancing Inuit Sexual Health Education: Driving Change through Inuit-specific, Safe, Culturally aligned, Meaningful and Effective Sexual Health Information and Resources for Inuit Youth and their Service Providers


Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada (Pauktuutit) is a national non-profit organization that represents Inuit women, gender-diverse people, and their families. Pauktuutit’s mandate is to foster a greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, and to encourage their participation in community, regional and national concerns in relation to social, cultural, and economic development. Pauktuutit is active in a wide range of areas including health, gender equality, violence prevention, human rights, and the protection of cultural and traditional knowledge. The organization advocates for policies and programs that address the specific challenges faced by Inuit women, gender-diverse people, and their families and promote their empowerment and self-determination. Pauktuutit’s input is regularly solicited on issues such as the environment and climate change, children and youth, and Pauktuutit actively engages in a range of international processes and forums.



Pauktuutit has played a significant role in raising awareness and providing education on sexual and reproductive health issues within Inuit communities. Pauktuutit recognizes the importance of promoting healthy relationships, informed decision-making, and access to comprehensive, Inuit-specific sexual health information, resources, and services for all Inuit in Canada. 

Pauktuutit has developed various initiatives and a breadth of resources focussed on addressing sexual health concerns in Inuit communities, that aim to enhance knowledge about sexual health and promote safe and healthy sexual and reproductive health practices. Pauktuutit takes an Inuit-specific GBA+ and trauma-informed approach to discussions about consent, choice, and autonomy that are necessary to ensure sexual and reproductive health education is comprehensive, culturally relevant, and safe. Additionally, Pauktuutit has been actively involved in advocating for improved services, policies, and legislation to address gender-based violence and ensure the safety and well-being of Inuit women, gender-diverse people, and their families. Through ongoing efforts, Pauktuutit has contributed to fostering a greater understanding of sexual health issues and opportunities, while promoting positive change within Inuit communities. By empowering Inuit and working collaboratively with stakeholders, Pauktuutit continues to make significant strides toward improving sexual and reproductive health outcomes and advocating for the rights of Inuit in Canada.


Goals of the Project

The overarching goal of the project, funded by the Community Action Fund (CAF) through the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), is to ensure culturally relevant, safe, and effective sexual health resources and services for Inuit throughout Canada. Pauktuutit will accomplish this by working with consultants, a working group, and a knowledge translation coordinator to create Inuit Sexual Health resources including interactive educational components to enhance knowledge of sexual health and wellness for Inuit and their service providers. The resources will also provide targeted, Inuit-specific messaging for all four Inuit regions as well as Canadian urban centers, thereby building service provider capacity to offer preventative, culturally responsive, and regionally relevant sexual health care services to Inuit youth. 

The project aims to increase the knowledge of Inuit youth to protect and promote their sexual health and wellness. This includes but is not limited to: evidence-based strategies for preventing HIV; Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs); as well as enhancing youths’ ability, confidence, and comfort seeking help, testing, treatment, care, and support when needed.  Pauktuutit’s project seeks to educate service providers working with Inuit youth in reproductive and sexual health-related fields on effective, evidence-based, non-stigmatizing, and culturally safe interventions for promoting holistic Inuit sexual health, including the prevention of STBBIs. This educational effort aims to enhance service providers’ capacity to deliver culturally responsive and locally relevant sexual health care services to Inuit youth. The prevention of STBBIs is important, and it is only one aspect of holistic Inuit sexual health. 

Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of wholistic Inuit sexual health and may refer to Pauktuutit resources on the subject at

Before a contract for this Request for Proposals is awarded, Pauktuutit will conduct Regional engagement sessions in the four Inuit Regions (IR), as well as urban centres, with youth and service providers. The purpose of the IR engagement sessions is to identify strengths and gaps in Inuit sexual health to determine what education, resources, and services are needed.

The project is guided by a Working Group of Inuit youth and related service providers who ensure activities and deliverables are safe, relatable, accessible, and effective. The successful agency will work closely with the project’s Working Group and Knowledge Translation Coordinator to develop, refine, and work collaboratively with Pauktuutit leadership to ensure the project and communication deliverables are aligned with Pauktuutit’s evolving and emerging strategic vision.

Project Objectives

For reference purposes, here are the project’s objectives approved by the project funder Public Health Agency of Canada:

Objective 1

By the end of year 4 (March 31, 2026), Pauktuutit aims to deliver seven to ten educational activities to 100 Inuit youths living in Inuit regions and Canadian urban centres (e.g. Montreal, Ottawa, and Winnipeg). Using revitalized Inuit Sexual Health resources Pauktuutit will deliver activities to increase knowledge of effective evidence-based strategies to take care of sexual health, prevent HIV and other STBBI infections, and increase confidence and comfort to seek help, testing, treatment, care, and support services when needed as a result of participating in those activities, 

  • 60% of participants will report an increased knowledge of effective evidence-based strategies to take care of their sexual health and prevent infections, and 
  • 40% of participants will report an increased confidence and comfort to seek help, care, or support for their sexual health when they need it.

Objective 2:

By the end of year four (March 31, 2026), Pauktuutit aims to deliver seven educational activities to 50 health care professionals and other sexual health service providers in all four Inuit Regions and urban centres (e.g. Ottawa, Montreal, and Winnipeg) using revitalized Inuit Sexual Health resources to increase knowledge of Inuit youths’ sexual health needs and effective evidence-based, non-stigmatizing and culturally relevant interventions to prevent HIV and other STBBI Infections among Inuit youth. As a result of participating in these activities, 

  • 50% of participants will report an increased knowledge of Inuit youths’ sexual health needs and effective evidence-based, non-stigmatizing, and culturally relevant sexual health, HIV, Hep C, and other STBBIs prevention interventions for Inuit youths, and 
  • 50% of participants will report an increased capacity to deliver client-centered sexual health services and interventions to Inuit youths in their region, including testing, treatment, care, and support services.


This is an open call to individuals, firms, or agencies to provide a comprehensive proposal to assist in the creation and/or updating of engaging, educational resources for Inuit youth and their service providers to promote holistic Inuit sexual health. 

This call also requires the development of a knowledge translation campaign for sharing the content with the target audiences (youth and their service providers). The deliverables will be developed under the guidance of, and in partnership with Pauktuutit, the project Working Group and the Knowledge Translation Coordinator. The successful candidate will be required to work collaboratively with Pauktuutit leadership to ensure the project and communication deliverables are aligned with Pauktuutit’s evolving and emerging strategic vision.

We encourage submissions from Inuit and Indigenous organizations, or those with Inuit representation and specialists, or who demonstrate in their bid the intention to work with specialists from each Inuit Region.  

Applicant Basic Requirements 

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • A strong understanding of Inuit Regional variances, Inuit culture, IQ Principles, realities, and experiences;
  • Experience in knowledge translation, sharing and mobilization, behavior change, and sexual health; 
  • The ability to produce culturally relevant resources and media aligned with Pauktuutit branding and style guide, for Inuit living in Inuit Nunangat and urban centers, and;
  • Experience working in and/or with Inuit employees, and/or Inuit consultants or firms from each/all Inuit Regions.

Key Activities and Deliverables

Working directly with Pauktuutit project team members and in consultation with project Working Group members:

  1. Conduct an Environmental Scan and create a digital National Stakeholder and Services Map that reflects the most current Inuit sexual health information resources, and services, including those created by Pauktuutit.
  2. Develop new content (resources and mixed media- may include Public Service Announcements, short videos, social media content, one-pager info sheets and others) for enhancing Inuit sexual health education. Content will be developed using information gained through the environmental scan, regional engagement sessions conducted by Pauktuutit, and working group meetings. The content must:
  3. Include targeted sexual health messaging for Inuit youth, and Inuit and non-Inuit service providers,
  4. Include a robust, creative, and innovative social media influencer strategy utilizing multiple social media platforms, 
  5. Be tailored to each Inuit Region, which will require experience working with Inuit from each Inuit Region; and,
  6. Support the Project’s Knowledge Translation Coordinator in the development of training/ instruction for delivering the content to youth and service providers through educational activities/ workshops. 
  7. In collaboration with the Project’s Knowledge Translation Coordinator, and Pauktuutit’s Communications team, develop a Communications Strategy and Knowledge Translation Plan with the target audience of Inuit youth and Inuit and non-Inuit service providers, to enhance knowledge of Inuit sexual health and uptake of positive behaviours to promote sexual health. The launch of the Knowledge Translation plan will operationalize the Communication Strategy to share and promote the resources in engaging ways. These deliverables must include:
    1. Social media content (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) developed and posted in collaboration with key Inuit youth with strong social influence who can use their voice and platforms to share positive Inuit sexual health messaging and information and encourage safe behaviours. 
    1. Additional content for sharing sexual health messaging and promoting healthy behaviours for project Facebook page targeted toward Inuit youth.
    1. Development of a social media campaign and content calendar mapping the digital dissemination of the content and interactive components.
    1. The Knowledge Translation Plan may also include local radio or television PSAs, radio contests, podcast episodes, press interviews, and in-person training or activities when possible and in accordance with community and Inuit Regional variances.
  8. Implement and disseminate the Communication Strategy, Knowledge Translation Plan to specifically reach all target audiences in collaboration with Pauktuutit’s senior leadership and Communications Division.
  9. Work with evaluators and provide analytic reports to demonstrate impact and ensure we are gathering information to assess efficacy in reaching key performance targets, engaging with communities and stakeholders, and contributing to expected project outcomes.

Additionally, the successful candidate will be required to:

  • Participate in project meetings, working group meetings, and teleconferences as requested, minimally once a month,
  • Support project-related work and evaluation where necessary and as indicated, in accordance with contract if awarded, 
  • Provide progress updates minimally monthly, and as requested; and,
  • Submit all final project documents upon completion, including working files for all digital content.


The duration of this work will be December 1, 2023 – March 15, 2025:

  • Proposals accepted until October 19, 2023,
  • Two contracts will be required since the work spans two fiscal years,
    • Contract 1 beginning December 1, 2023, and ends March 15, 2024, in amount of $103,043 (with renewal as needed) and 
    • Contract 2 beginning April 1, 2024, and end March 15, 2025 in amount of $45,000


Pauktuutit’s Roles and Responsibilities:

The primary contact at Pauktuutit for this project is Chelsea Giesel, Health Programs Department Acting Manager and Senior Project Coordinator

Pauktuutit commits to providing the information and materials necessary to complete the work and will respond to requests for information in a timely fashion.

Pauktuutit will provide a decision on or by November 10, 2023.

Confidentiality, Privacy, and Copyright:

The successful applicant shall not disclose to any party any confidential information gained or resulting from activities undertaken under this project, nor shall the applicant disclose any information concerning Pauktuutit or their affairs where such information is obtained through this project.

It is understood that Pauktuutit retains ownership of any and all materials and intellectual property created, designed, or produced because of activities undertaken by the successful applicant when awarded this project. These terms will be clearly outlined in the resulting contract with the successful applicant.

It is imperative the successful applicant will generate original work for this project.

Proposal Instructions

  • Applicants must submit their (company) name, and confirm their incorporation, references, and/or portfolio.
  • Submit by email to no later than October 19, 2023;
  • Submit in Word format or PDF;
  • Estimates/budgets must remain firm until March 15, 2024;
  • No payment will be made for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this RFP;
  • No costs incurred before receipt of a signed contract can be charged to the proposed contract; 
  • Travel that may be required will be separate from this scope of work budget and will be paid for by Pauktuutit; and,
  • Pauktuutit reserves the right not to award a contract, or to award multiple contracts as a result of this RFP.


The proposal Budget must:

  • Include a detailed budget not to exceed $148,043 and demonstrates all objectives and deliverables indicated in this request for proposal for the project can be met;
  • Indicate the billing rate;
  • The costs for translation and media ad-buy are outside the scope of this budget and will be covered by Pauktuutit;
  • It is expected that art/ branding, including social media content/ videos that is created for campaign and resources is completed by or in collaboration with an Inuk artist, and these costs must be included in your proposed Budget.
  • List any other expenses that might be applicable; and
  • Total bid MUST include 13% HST tax.

Rights of the Organization:

Pauktuutit reserves the right to: 

  • Enter into negotiations with one or more bidders on any or all aspects of this call for proposals;
  • Accept any proposal in whole or in part;
  • Cancel and/or re-issue this requirement at any time;
  • Award none, one, or more contracts. In the event of more than one successful applicants, those agencies awarded who complete work for specific Inuit Regions, will be required to work cooperatively and collaboratively to ensure integrated and consistent final products;
  • Verify any or all information provided by the bidder with respect to this requirement; and, 
  • Be notified in advance of the successful applicant entering into sub-contracts with third or other parties for the completion of deliverables under this RFP.

Contact Information

Please direct your proposal to:
Chelsea Giesel, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

520 – 1 Nicholas St. Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7


Contact Information

Please direct the application to:

Chelsea Giesel