Pauktuutit is pleased to announce that we have received funding from Status of Women Canada through their Women’s Program. This three-year project seeks to address the socio-economic barriers encountered by Inuit women in the resource extraction industry by identifying the institutional practices that fail to effectively address the issue of workplace sexual harassment and violence.

Working in the resource extraction industry is an important opportunity for socio-economic and community development for Inuit women, yet this is negatively impacted by the violence experienced by Inuit women. By working directly working with partners such as the resource extraction industry and regional governments, this project is intended to address and reduce the institutional barriers that have contributed to the issue by developing more effective institutional policies and practices in the workplace.

The project will identify and address the violence encountered Inuit women working in the resource extraction industry by cultivating safe and secure workplace environments.

Pauktuutit acknowledges the support of Status of Women Canada for this initiative and we thank them for this opportunity to improve the economic security and prosperity of Inuit women.

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