Ottawa, ON (November 25, 2016) Pauktuutit’s President, Rebecca Kudloo, joined a teleconference meeting on November 18 with representatives of the national inquiry and other national indigenous organizations. The purpose of the call, scheduled by officials of the inquiry, was to provide an update on the activities of the Commissioners and inquiry staff.

‘I have assured Inuit that as soon as I have information to share about the inquiry, I will. I have received a first-hand update from the inquiry and calls will now be held every two weeks. Chief Commissioner Buller joined the beginning of the call and expressed her gratitude that the NIOs are reaching out and are willing to work with them. It was good to hear her on the call,’ Kudloo said.

‘I still have more questions than answers, but this call was a beginning. I repeated that it is important that the inquiry not go into communities, open wounds and leave. I was assured that a health supports plan will be developed, but I still don’t know how they will include our Inuit experts. I also asked about how the regional advisory committees will be filled, as this will be a very important opportunity for us as Inuit to have direct input to their work and priorities. I was glad to hear they are open to recommendations’ Kudloo added. ‘As national indigenous organizations, we have been asking for a face-to-face meeting with the commissioners as soon as possible. I hope this will happen as soon as possible, and I appreciate Commissioner Audette’s commitment to transparency. I also look forward to moving forward with Chief Commissioner Buller’s commitment to work closely with national and regional Inuit women’s organizations.

‘I strongly encourage the commissioners to meet directly with us as well as with family members. We all have a big contribution to make to the success of the inquiry. We are here and ready to help,’ Kudloo continued.

Commissioner Michele Audette was present for the entire call and provided an update on their progress in a number of areas. The inquiry expects to launch a website in early December, and will begin reaching out to families in January. Commissioner Eyolfson is leading the legal aspects of the inquiry, Commissioner Robinson is leading communications, Commissioner Poitras is the lead on research and Commissioner Audette will handle relations with the community, including, organizations, families, survivors, and other institutions.

They are still filling senior staff positions including the directors of community relations, research and health. Pauktuutit will provide a submission outlining its expectations and how it sees its role as soon as possible, and share information as it may become available.



Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

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