Request for Proposals: Development of Visual Resources – Budgeting and Operational Costs

This project will further develop existing operations and resources of the Inuit Women in Business Network (IWBN), to be available in both languages, English and Inuktut, and made available across Inuit Nunangat and the rest of Canada. The project will also provide strategic direction on the organization’s broad economic development activities directly from Inuit women.

Request for Proposals: Understanding the Needs of Urban Inuit Women – A Focus on Child Wellbeing

The inital goals of the project have shifted with the onset of COVID-19. Several vulnerabilities have quickly become apparent for Inuit women and children living outside Inuit Nunangat. The pandemic has deepened pre-existing gendered inequalities and exposed vulnerabilities in social, political, and economic systems which compound one another. For example, the lack of available and affordable childcare, makes earning a livelihood difficult for Inuit women. Children not attending school because of COVID-19 require full-time attention, while home confinement exacerbates family tensions. The loss of income creates additional stress in an already difficult reality for Inuit women.