March 28, 2023

Inuktitut version

The following statements were issued by Gerri Sharpe, President of Pauktuutit Inuit of Canada, after the Government of Canada tabled its 2023 budget:

“Pauktuutit is pleased to see the budget’s whole-of-government approach to advancing gender equality priorities by leveraging core tools — namely using a Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) lens and a Gender Results Framework — to inform decision-making and track progress against measurable outcomes.

On New Funding for Indigenous Health Priorities

“Pauktuutit is pleased to see proposed new funding in the amount of $2 billion over 10 years for ‘Indigenous health priorities’.  Pauktuutit will be working to see some of this new money committed to re-establish traditional midwifery services in all communities across Inuit Nunangat. 

“Specifically, Pauktuutit will seek funding for education and training of new Inuit midwives.  As well, we will advocate for stronger support for current Inuit midwives, including appropriate remuneration, better working conditions, and the ability to mentor youth interested in a career in Inuit midwifery.

“These investments will reduce the stress and risks of travelling to urban centres in the south to give birth that are currently placed on expectant mothers and their families.  Furthermore, culturally safe midwifery services will also contribute to building stronger communities for everyone.    

On funding for Implementation of the National Action Plan to End the Tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

“Pauktuutit was pleased to see a commitment to accelerate the implementation of the Federal Pathway to Address Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ People, especially the focus on increased accountability for results. 

“Specifically, we are encouraged to see proposed new funding for the monitoring and reporting of progress on addressing the National Inquiry into MMIWG’s Calls for Justice, which include 46 Inuit-specific recommendations.  

“Progress to act on the Inquiry’s report of 2019 has been unacceptably slow.  Hopefully, this new oversight mechanism will motivate all governments, the justice system, and other stakeholders to deliver the investments and actions that are so urgently needed.        

“In addition, Pauktuutit strongly supports the creation of a new Indigenous and Human Rights Ombudsman, and we are pleased to see funding allocated in Budget 2023 for this important ongoing work. 

“Proposed funding to improve equity and access to justice, provide victim services for families, and support Inuit-led projects for safer communities is encouraging.  Pauktuutit also applauds measures like the potential launch of a “Red Dress Alert” mechanism to quicky notify the public when an Indigenous woman or two-spirit person goes missing.   

On Shelters and Transition Housing  

“While this year’s Budget does not specifically reference the goal to build 13 new emergency shelters and 15 transitional shelters, Pauktuutit is pleased that the first four projects were   announced last month. 

“We look forward to accelerating work with the federal government and our Inuit partners on this urgent initiative, with the goal of seeing the remaining projects approved in the coming fiscal year.” 

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada is the national non-profit organization representing all Inuit women in Canada.  Its mission is to foster a greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women and gender-diverse people to encourage their participation in community, regional and national concerns in relation to social, cultural and economic development.

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