Who We Are

The Inuit Women in Business Network (IWBN) was first created in 2011 as a project through Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada to connected Inuit businesswomen across the North with support and guidance. The IWBN is a project of Pauktuutit’s Social and Economic Development department. Throughout the project we have revamped our website, technology and strategy to better support Inuit businesswomen. Our goal now is to expand the IWBN across Inuit Nunangat to businesswomen we haven’t heard from yet, and that includes you!

The Network is for Inuit women at any stage of business. Whether you are beginning to brainstorm business ideas or expanding your business, we’re here for you. Inuit-specific resources for every stage of business are available on this website for free. All resources have been created because members, past and present, have asked for them!

Community is key to building confidence in Inuit women in business and we hope that this Network serves as an online and in-person community you can organize through, ask questions and talk about your experiences with. We have resources available if you would like to start your own mentorship group or you can join the IWBN for a broad network of women developing businesses just like you.

We hope this network and the spaces we create together are helpful. We want to be as responsive as possible so please, tell us what your needs are as they change.